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Friday, 3 March 2017

Double Your Beauty with Vietnam Hair

Vietnam Hair
Anka Hair 
Hair extension is the easiest way to add both length and volume to human hair. With this technique your dream of growing hair longer overnight becomes true. Different extensions can be used to suit your hair type. Hair extensions come in different color, style and also in different price range.

The hair extension can be done using both natural human hair and synthetic hair. Vietnam human hair and Vietnam hair is a popular name in human hair extensions.

Vietnam Human HairVietnam Human Hair- this type of hair extension is made by collecting the hair from the donor of Vietnam.  This hair extension is pure human hair. This type of hair is very silky and smooth, and the texture of hair is also very good. Vietnam human hair is mostly straight.  Human hair is collected from the combs or brushes and also from the hair lying on the floor when it is cut. Human hair is more used in hair extension.  

Though Vietnam Hair is mostly natural human hair, the trend of processed hair is also gaining momentum. In this variety, hair is carefully cut from the ponytail and is aligned in one direction. The process makes it a costly option.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Hair Extension in Vietnam is very Popular

When we talk about hair and its maintenance, often women are associated with the topic. But things have changed, and the men folk have become equally interested in the ways to maintain their hair. The Anka Hair is a reliable supplier of human hair and products in Vietnam. The website of the company is very informative with product details and videos to highlight their techniques and tutorials to make impressive braids. The Hair Extension in Vietnam is a modern technique which gives length to the hair and also makes it look beautiful.

The Vietnam Human Hair is available in several categories like single drawn hair, double drawn hair, machine weft and much more. The company has acquired many names in the relevant industry.  The Virgin Human Hair is easy to use as it can be given the form and texture desired by the professionals. Thus the company has been in this business for some time and hence is doing well.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Facts About Single Drawn Versus Double Drawn Hair

When looking for hair extensions to enhance bounce and volume in your hair, you may come across single drawn hair as well as double drawn hair. Before choosing any of the two, it is understand the difference between the two. Where double drawn hair is considered as the premium quality of weft hair, the single drawn hair, on the other hand are thinner than the double drawn hair. 

In order to create one bundle of hair, varying lengths of hair are used. The thickness of hair in double drawn hair is uniform from the root to the top. Same length of hair is taken so as to ensure bounce and fullness. The effect is not so striking in single drawn hair. These hair extensions can be used on a regular basis to hide baldness or when one wishes to become the center of attraction in a party.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Vietnam’s Hair Business Is Booming!

Globally, dealing in human hair is becoming a great business. As the global demand for human hair weaves and hair extensions is soaring, fashion conscious customers are looking forward to enhancing their looks and beauty.

Ankahair.com.vn is a website offering superior quality natural Vietnam hair at an affordable cost. Be it any color, texture or length, all kinds of synthetic hair are available for the customers at ankahair.com.

Their superior quality Vietnam hair offer many advantages to the customers such as low maintenance, highly protective in nature, experimentation with the hair and much more!

Monday, 26 September 2016

Know More About Single Drawn And Double Drawn Hair!

Many of us have heard about Single drawn hair and double drawn hair, but hardly know about what makes them different. In single drawn hair, one can find a combination of hair lengths. For example, if you buy 16 inches of hair, it means that you will get hair lengths of 10, 12, 14 and 16 inches. Many times, single drawn hair looks like as if having split ends or has been cut using a razor. This is the reasons; most of the people prefer using double drawn hair. 

It means if you are buying 16 inches of hair, you will get each strand 16 inches in length. There are many benefits of using double drawn hair. The most important advantage of these hairs is that it gives a fuller look to the scalp. Moreover, the hairs are of the same length from top to bottom; hence imparts a more natural look than single drawn hair. Top quality hair strands are used which makes them truly fabulous looking. Thus, when planning to buy hair extensions, it is necessary to first identify the reasons behind buying them and then look for the best quality.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Single/Double Drawn Hair: Most Genuine Hair Extensions

Hey ladies! Try these simple looking single drawn hair and double drawn hair in order to experiment with your look and hairstyles. Hair styling is one of the centers of attraction in one’s personality.

Ladies tend to get bored with their daily monotonous look to work. They either do not have time in the morning to spend on trying different hairstyles or they fear of damaging their hair. These problems can be catered with these singledrawn hair and double drawn hair extensions. These will give you an entirely big platform to exercise your hidden talent and wishes by trying different hairstyling looks.