Friday, 3 March 2017

Double Your Beauty with Vietnam Hair

Vietnam Hair
Anka Hair 
Hair extension is the easiest way to add both length and volume to human hair. With this technique your dream of growing hair longer overnight becomes true. Different extensions can be used to suit your hair type. Hair extensions come in different color, style and also in different price range.

The hair extension can be done using both natural human hair and synthetic hair. Vietnam human hair and Vietnam hair is a popular name in human hair extensions.

Vietnam Human HairVietnam Human Hair- this type of hair extension is made by collecting the hair from the donor of Vietnam.  This hair extension is pure human hair. This type of hair is very silky and smooth, and the texture of hair is also very good. Vietnam human hair is mostly straight.  Human hair is collected from the combs or brushes and also from the hair lying on the floor when it is cut. Human hair is more used in hair extension.  

Though Vietnam Hair is mostly natural human hair, the trend of processed hair is also gaining momentum. In this variety, hair is carefully cut from the ponytail and is aligned in one direction. The process makes it a costly option.

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